Construction Carpentry Manufacturer
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PCV - PVC joinery manufactured by us is based on the German profiles of Aluplast system. They provide 60% of energy savings, the excellent sound insulation, the protection against dust pollution.

ALUMINUM - Aluminum joinery is manufactured by us on the basis of the proven aluminum profiles in YAWAL system using modern solutions. We provide manufacturing and assembly of the following elements of the aluminum joinery: windows, doors (traditional, swinging, sliding, automated), window displays, facades, glass roofs, skylights, vestibules, porches, winter gardens, partition walls.

Framed insect screen systems provide an excellent protection of rooms against bugs, insects and contamination from the environment while maintaining access to air and light.

Thanks to intelligent design and carefully selected materials, roller shutters provide the effective protection against intruders. Moreover, they provide excellent thermal insulation, make it possible to significantly reduce heating costs in winter while in summer when the sun shines and the outside temperature rises they provide a pleasant sensation of coolness, giving rest to the tired eyes at twilight.

PPHU ALU-FACH Piotr Mercik
Konradów, ul. Wrzosowa 70
42-290 Blachownia, POLAND

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